About Dr. Yao Ma

Dr. Yao Ma has over fifteen years of experience in biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies starting with NeoGenesis, which was purchased by Schering-Plough and then later became part of Merck. 

Dr. Yao Ma specialized in chemical library design, high throughput syntheses, and medicinal chemistry. As a team leader, he assumed the responsibility to manage and lead a group of scientists by carrying out extensive chemistry optimization efforts, which led to significant impacts to the projects, with milestones including both lead optimization entry and successful compound nomination.  

Dr. Yao Ma is also a first author in many important peer reviewed scientific articles. Currently he is initiating and leading the drug discovery efforts in a well-established research institute in China.

Dr. Yao Ma received his Ph.D. in organic chemistry from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (Massachusetts, US) and B.Sc. from Beijing Normal University (China).